Less Lethal Force Options

Defense Technology Less Lethal Force Options

Less Lethal - Specialist products for Law enforcement and Military use only

Defense Technology Less Lethal Force Options

Defense Technology supply a full range of Aerosol, Impact, Chemical, Tactical, Launchers and Breaching  products -



Defense Technology offers a complete line of aerosol projectors for duty issue or specialized assignment including OC, chemical or blended formulations in either stream, fog or foam delivery systems.


Whether its additional crowd routing requirements, targeting instigators, or covering chemical devices from advancing subjects, our 12-gauge and large bore specialty impact munitions leave no issue unsolvable.CHEMICAL

When crowd resistance elevates, our chemical grenades and projectiles offer maximum coverage both indoor and outdoor. Choices like OC, CN, CS and Smoke in various carriers such as pyrotechnics, powders or liquids provide hand -thrown or launched alternatives for all urban and correctional disturbances.


These specialized devices and munitions are designed to be deployed by tactical teams during high-risk warrants, hostage rescues and barricaded subject situations.


Years of gun manufacturing experience, with cutting edge CAD/CAM technology and production processes developed Defense Technology’s line of 37/40 mm launchers. They serve as a platform for launching an array of Chemical and Impact Munitions options for Tactical Deployment, Crowd Management and First Responders


The WallBanger™ will breach a wooden or metal door, window or even create a shooting port through a wall. It creates standoff between the breacher and threshold, allowing for a smooth entrance during high risk events. The system can be modified to reach second floor windows or deliver OC by way of a break and rack attachment. This design allows for multiple applications supporting law enforcement needs in responding to high risk events.

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