G2 Pistol S/S

Thompson Center G2 Pistol S/S

Since the first Contender pistol was made in 1967, the Contender® has been the choice of serious handgun hunters throughout the world. The reputation this pistol has achieved in terms of its versatility, “minute of angle” accuracy and proven long range performance is unquestioned. When demanding hunters and IHMSA target shooters wanted a handgun that would perform, they chose the Contender. 35 years later, the second generation Contender Pistol emerges and it only got better.
G2 Pistol S/S

Thompson Center G2 Pistol S/S


Maintaining the same barrel interchangeability, the same time-proven long range accuracy, and the same adaptability of converting to rim fire or center fire, the new G2 Contender® has added some features which make it even more user friendly in the field. In addition, the grip, frame, and forend have been profiled and sculpted for a more modern and streamlined appearance. Size and weight remained approximately the same, adding less than 1/10th of a pound to the frame assembly.


The Versatility of the G2 Contender® is unmatched by any other handgun in the world. From plinking and small game hunting with rimfire cartridges, to varmint and big game hunting with centerfire rifle cartridges, the G2 Contender will continue to be the handgun of choice for those that pride themselves in wanting only the best.

New Features of the G2 Contender®

  • Easier to open.
  • More clearance between the grip and the trigger guard. New ergonomic grip.
  • Incorporates a Patented automatic hammer block safety with built-in interlock. (patent # 5,680,722)
  • Allows shooters to cock the hammer, lower it, and re-cock it without the need to break the action open again.

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