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RX Helix

Merkel RX Helix

The Merkel RX combines a rotary bolt head with true straight-pull bolt action – without the slightest annoying rotational or tipping movement that one gets with other straight- pull bolt action rifles. The hunter can keep his or her eye on the target, and the bolt handle is positioned exactly above the trigger. The straight shaft, which is in keeping with the tradition of Merkel´s Africa rifles, provides the necessary stability for this motion.
RX Helix

Merkel RX Helix



The magic words as regards the dismantling of a hunting gun without tools are ‘take down’. With the Bolt Barrel system, MERKEL has perfected the classic take down and implemented it in series production in this class for the first time. This gun can be dismantled almost down to briefcase size in three steps. Even less experienced users will be able to do this within a few seconds, quickly reducing the RX.Helix to a convenient size for transporting.


The Bolt Barrel system of the RX.Helix makes it easier than ever before
to dismantle the gun and change the barrel or calibre: remove the forearm by pressing a button, switch the barrel lever under the forearm, and then safely remove the barrel including the bolt head.


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