BreakAway™ Tamper Evident Tape

Forensic Source BreakAway™ Tamper Evident Tape

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Forensic Source BreakAway™ Tamper Evident Tape



BreakAway Tamper Evident Tape

•       Tape becomes extremely fragile when adhered to a surface; attempts to remove the tape will cause it to shred

•       Serrated edges along the tape edge make it nearly impossible to cut or remove the tape and reapply it without leaving apparent evidence of tampering

•       Split-back paper backing allows for easy removal of backing and simplifies application


SKU# 3-4005             BreakAway Evident Tape, “Evidence”, 1.375" x 108' (3.5 cm x 33 m) Roll

3-4006             BreakAway Evident Tape, “Security Seal”, 1.375" x 108' (3.5 cm x 33 m) Roll



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