Open Front Magazine Pouch

Safariland Open Front Magazine Pouch

INNOVATION NOT IMITATION® Safariland® holsters and accessories are renowned for quality, performance and technological advancements in design. The overwhelming choice of law enforcement agencies and competition shooters around the world, Safariland continues to develop new products by working hands on with the most knowledgeable and experienced users in the industry. From veteran law enforcement officers to our world-renowned Team Safariland shooters, we field test our products to provide you with the best product available. We work hard to build on the unique leadership position we have earned. Safariland Duty Gear remains totally committed to serving those who put it all on the line to uphold order and keep the peace. And nobody does it better.

Safariland Open Front Magazine Pouch


771 Open Front Magazine Pouch

•       Features two magazine tensioning screws on back side of the holster to adjust tension on both the middle and end of the magazine

•       Sits against plastic rollers that reduce drag during draw

•       Open-front design keeps index finger from touching the holder during reload, ensuring fast reload

•       Available in STX Tactical® or STX Basketweave Finish



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