ECOSTRIKE™ Ammunition

Norma ECOSTRIKE™ Ammunition

A light bullet surpassing a heavy one? ECOSTRIKE™ makes the impossible possible. To make the bullet lighter and prevent it from fragmenting, the lead has been replaced by copper and nickel. With ECOSTRIKE™ we meet a new hunting era, where the sense of being one with nature has reached a higher level. The bullet and its characteristics, takes into account of the rifle, the game, the environment and the meat. ECOSTRIKE™’s ambition is to always give a positive impact, and to make it a rewarding hunting experience.
Norma Ammunition

Norma ECOSTRIKE™ Ammunition

   . 308 Win 150gr...
  .30-06 150gr
  .300 Win Mag 150gr 


  • LEAD FREE copper bullet. 
  • Polymer tip assists expansion and decreases drag.
  • Optimized cavity for guaranteed expansion even at low velocity.
  • Proprietary plating eliminates copper fouling and increase barrel life.
  • Pure copper construction, precision turned.
  • Unique waist design to maximize velocity and reduce bearing surface.
  • Boat tail designed for increased ballistic coefficient and maximum wind resistance.

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